Corporate Director of Care Coordination

DCH Health System
Job Description
This role provides leadership and direct oversight for Case Management, Social Work Services, Utilization Review and Clinical Documentation Improvement.  In particular, this individual will provide oversight to but not limited to: Optimizing Length of Stay (LOS), Care Coordination, Discharge Planning, Utilization Management, Denials Management, Social Services; Readmission Reductions and Transitions of Care; This role is responsible for providing consultative, educational development, and support services to the acute care facilities in the areas of clinical excellence, care management, and improved operational efficiencies. This System role serves as a content expert for the development of all systems and processes to tie the clinical delivery to the business and operations.  This role must possess knowledge of revenue cycle process improvement.
This role assumes overall responsibility for coordinating/managing patient centered care activities for patients, guides the department in achieving its regulatory compliance and continuous improvement goals and maintaining a collaborative relationship with the medical and nursing staff to assist with the development and provision of quality patient care.  In partnership with the Chief Medical Officer and VPMA, this role coaches and monitors managers and team members and nursing units while being attentive to the business of healthcare. 
  1. Manages departmental budget.
  2. Interviews, selects, hire, and retain employees, including other management positions.
  3. Ensures orientation and training for employees, including other management positions.
  4. Manages performance, including other management positions.
  5. Promotes, demotes, or transfers employees to meet organizational needs, including other management positions.
  6. Executes progressive discipline up to and including termination, per DCH disciplinary policies.
  7. Manages departmental productivity standards.
  8. Provides strategic leadership for the department.
  9. Performs long range planning and overall direction setting at the departmental level.
  10. Responsible for department organizational structure and alignment to meet forecasted business needs.
  11. Responsible for development, implementation and interpretation of system policies within a major organizational/functional area or the development and review of system policies within a recognized discipline.
  12. Performs compliance requirements as outlined in the Employee Handbook.
  1. Provides the skill and expertise to assist in the design and execution of the clinical continuum of Case Management for all patients.
  2. Develops, implements, and supports a Case Management/Care Coordination program with the functional integration of pre-admission screening, staff education, inpatient and post -acute case management. Provides consultative services in the areas of clinical process redesign, development for facilities, system leaders, and clinical staff
  3. Serves as a liaison between existing dedicated resources to promote shared learnings and best practices identification and communication
  4. Maintains awareness of industry changes and serves as a resource for sharing national best practice models
  5. Actively contributes to the development of a technology driven clinical decision support system that can monitor medical resource utilization and flag learning opportunities for improved care coordination.
  6. Assists in the design/development of standardized reports relative to acute episodes of care by physician, payer, diagnosis, MS-DRG, MDC, utilization, as well as variable direct and indirect costing methods to provide practical tools for providers to monitor medical resource consumption and assist in maximizing clinical quality and financial outcomes.
  7. Develops educational programs and tracking systems to maintain gains made with care coordination interventions, to include documentation initiatives.
  8. Develops and implements an ongoing assessment/reassessment process for operational efficiencies, patients/families, coworkers, colleagues and with self.
  9. Maintains performance, patient and employee satisfaction and financial standards as outlined in the performance evaluation.
  10. Actively supports and utilizes the tenets of LEAN Management System in oversight of the department.
  11. Performs compliance requirements as outlined in the Employee Handbook
  12. Must adhere to the DCH Behavioral Standards including creating positive relationships with patients/families, coworkers, colleagues and with self.
  13. Requires use of electronic mail, time and attendance software, learning management software and intranet.
  14. Must adhere to all DCH Health System policies and procedures.
  15. All other duties as assigned. 
Bachelor degree in Nursing and current Alabama RN licensure required.
Master’s degree in Nursing, business, or healthcare administration required.
Minimum of five years of RN clinical experience required.
Minimum of five years supervisory experience required.
Minimum of five years of multi-hospital or multi-facility operations experience required.
Knowledge of clinical information/utilization reporting required.
Understanding of high risk case finding methodologies required.
Experience in Case Management and development of large facility and/or multi-site, cross continuum Case Management; with proven track record in successful clinical quality, business and cost outcomes required.
Experience in clinical information system development and report design/developing for all areas of responsibility and contributions required.
Fundamental knowledge of LEAN thinking and tools to support DCH LEAN journey.
Ability to manage multiple projects and work collaboratively with leaders and all associates.
Case management certification preferred, as in ACMA
Excellent interpersonal communication skills required..
Lifting at least 20 lbs. With frequent carrying of up to 10 lbs.
Significant walking and standing
Average motor coordination, manual and finger dexterity.
Ability to push/pull file drawers
Corrected sight for near acuity, color discrimination and depth perception.
Sitting involved in 40 - 50% of job functions
Ability to maintain confidentiality
Physical presence onsite is essential.  Hearing and vision must be normal or corrected to within normal range.  Able to perform the duties with or without reasonable accommodation
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