Patient Access Registration Trainer

Posted: 08/08/2022

Coordinates all registration training operations for all DCH Health System registration personnel. Conducts all aspects of the eligibility and verification software, quality assurance and point of service collection training. Qualified applicant should be able to train via classroom instruction, electronic means, departmental observation and quality review. Monitors point of service collections to ensure all registration personnel and all departments are effectively implementing point of service policies and procedures.

  1. Ensures proper training for all staff for software used by DCH, quality assurance and collections functions.
  2. Applicant is expected to display and present professionalism at all times when training via classroom, quality review, electronic training or through observation.   
  3. Responsible for preparing, organizing, and effectively communicating classroom material.
  4. Responsible for creating and developing competencies for staff, holding ins-service training sessions, and updating leadership of employee progress.
  5. Accurately maintains and updates all necessary training material by working with departmental leadership as defined by strategic planning goals.
  6. Evaluate and recommend edits on new and existing content to meet the needs of registration. Create the edits in the eligibility software system or in the EHR system.
  7. Ensures the effective delivery of departmental training that allows registration personnel to complete functional tasks.
  8. Maintains a centralized repository for all training material while utilizing technology to create training programs to support registration processes.
  9. Observes staff and measures performance metrics.  Providing those metrics and performance measures to managers and directors within the organization. 
  10. Monitors and communicates results of point of service collections in all registration areas, initiates retraining if minimum collections are not consistently achieved.
  11. Maintains thorough knowledge of registration systems, department policies, processes and procedures pertaining to registration and scheduling in a healthcare setting.
  12. Ensures all scripting is used consistently in the registration process.
  13. Develops a formal on boarding training process for all new registration personnel and keeps current due to system and policy changes.
  14. Monitors and coordinates cross training to ensure efficient management of all registration areas.
  15. Fully knowledgeable of all regulatory and compliance requirements including HIPAA, CMS Conditions of Participation and JCAHO standards.
  16. Provides periodic assessments of registration staff and presents results to department managers
  17. Creates and maintains training schedules for all registration personnel
  18. Creates and implements improvement action plans in coordination with departmental leadership for staff who fall below minimum quality standards
  19. Assesses and provides performance clearance for all new hires prior to beginning live operations within their department.
  20. Must be able to effectively with diverse groups of patients, employees and clinical staff. Must demonstrate professional communication in stressful interactions or situations.
DCH Standards:
  • Maintains performance, patient and employee satisfaction and financial standards as outlined in the performance evaluation.
  • Performs compliance requirements as outlined in the Employee Handbook
  • Must adhere to the DCH Behavioral Standards including creating positive relationships with patients/families, coworkers, colleagues and with self.
  • Performs essential job functions in a manner that ensures the safety of patients, visitors and employees.
  • Identifies and reduces unsafe practices that may result in harm to patients, visitors and employees.
  • Recognizes and takes appropriate action to reduce risks and hazards to promote safety for patients, visitors and employees.
  • Requires use of electronic mail, time and attendance software, learning management software and intranet.
  • Must adhere to all DCH Health System policies and procedures.
  • All other duties as assigned.
One year of patient registration experience required, Knowledge of health care reimbursement and use of effective point of service collections required. Bachelor’s degree preferred. Must be able to communicate (orally and in writing) effectively with patients, doctors and other departments in the hospital. Public speaking and/or training experience preferred. Use of metric driven point of service data to measure departmental results is a must. Computer based knowledge Microsoft office products required. Knowledge of medical terminology required. Must be able to interpret third party, private insurance coverages and hospital rates to patients. Must be able to read, write legibly, speak, and comprehend English. 
Communication through talking, expressing and exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word.  Hearing; perceiving the nature of sounds by the ear in order to communicate.  Seeing; use of vision to determine characteristics of objects, depth perception, color vision with the ability to distinguish color, coding on ledgers, near/far activity 100% daily.
Ability to figure complex computations and communicate these figures to the public.
Mental capability to maintain patient confidentiality 100% of the time.
Working indoors in a cubical area, sitting 80% of the time, standing 5%, kneeling 2.5%, squatting/crouching 2.5%, stooping 5%, and walking 5%.  Activities include lifting of 35 lbs. maximum which would be a two (2) man lift, frequent lifting and/or carrying 20 lbs. occasionally.  Ability to push or pull over carpet floors, concrete ramps and on varied surfaces, a four wheel cart with 50 lbs. of paperwork.
Filing ledgers or finding ledgers requires reaching, pushing, pulling, extending the hands and arms in any direction.  Stooping and bending the body forward by bending the spine at the waist.  To reach lower areas requires kneeling by bending the legs at the knee of crouching by bending the body downward and/or forward by bending the legs and spine.  This is 50% of daily work.
Organizing charts requires handling of papers by holding, grasping and turning, with picking up and pinching as finger movements.  This is a repetitious procedure that is constantly being done.
  • Must be able to perform the duties with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • Hearing and vision must be normal or corrected to within normal range.
  • Physical presence onsite is essential. 
Requires attention to detail, excellent abstract thinking, and conflict resolution skills. Requires travel to all facility locations and working evenings, nights or weekends if training staff for those shifts.